Essie fifth avenue

This is a really cheery orange jelly I picked to swatch from my unused pile. It’s like a glass of blood orange juice come to life. Yummy!

essie fifth avenue swatch


Best White Nail Polishes

The search for a perfect white nail polish can be a little frustrating. There is something very fresh and modern about opaque, yet shiny white nails but in practise white nail polish is often streaky and can look like white out if the color is not applied cleanly.


(If you don’t trust me, you gotta trust Queen Bey!)

My top 10 white nail polishes are;

Illamasqua Scorch –  this is seriously good as a white, but not really worth the price tag (it’s just a pure white with go texture, shimmer or other tricks). Try and pick it up on sale from Illamasqua.

OPI Alpine Snow – Pure white, but a tricky texture

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls – slightly off white but slightly easier to work with than OPI Alphine snow

Essie Blanc – Snowy white

Essie Marshmallow – more of a jelly like texture which is nice if you want something less stark.

Picture Polish White Wedding – milky white base packed with rainbow shimmer. This formula is NOT fun (thick, streaky, goopy) and the polish is not always easy to obtain. Yet the shimmer is really pretty and lifts it to the next level.

Ulta3 Lily White – this is only available locally in Australia and is a normal white (ie slightly hard to work with) with a relatively long dry time (ughh) … and yet it’s $2. A good basic to have on the shelf.

Chanel Eastern Light – which looks utterly stunning, yet the price tag is somewhat aspirational 27USD/39AUD

Butter London Cotton Buds – which has got some good reviews but I find chips quickly on me. YMMV of course.

China Glaze White on White – this dries quickly. Its a pain to get streak free but no more than the average white and at least a quick dry time is a plus.

Do you like white nail polish? What’s your favorite that I should try next?

Essie Case Study with black stripy lines

This is a mani with Essie Case Study and Revlon Lunar.Image

Essie Case Study has a lovely formula and it wears really well (chipfree on day 3). It’s a light brown latte-ish colour, probably nude on someones skin but not mine! I like a neutral like this to sit under glitters and this does the job well and is a good office neutral sort of colour.


Essie case study vs Butter London yummy mummy vs Ulta3 earl grey


It can be hard to tell exactly where various neutrals fall on a spectrum so I thought a comparison might be useful. Left to right we have Essie “Case Study”, then Ulta3 Earl Grey and Butter London yummy mummy. I have reviewed the last two before, and found Ulta3 Earl Grey was a great creme neutral that leans on the grey/mushroom end of the scale. It has a very thick formula but levels nicely under a poshe top coat. Butter London yummy mummy is sheerer with a light shimmer. It sits somewhere quite close to a standard department store mannequin skin tone. Essie Case study is also a thicker creme with no shimmer. Its a nice formula to use but slightly sheer for my liking, with visible nail line after two coats. It sits on the browner end of neutral, somewhere around the shade of a latte.