So, the Ironborn… where are they again?

I was doing some very important work chatting about Game of Thrones with my cousin the other night (so, do you think Daenerys is about to GO UTTERLY MAD or what?). We mentioned that the Ironborn seem oddly missing – well apart from Theon’s ill fated raid on Winterfell. It’s a little sad because I assume that they discuss the broad brushstrokes of where the stories are all going with GRRM before they write the scripts and presumably that means that the Ironborn don’t have a major part to play going forward.

Anyway, I have worked on a little Ironborn tribute mani. It has a squid decal on a background of Mysterious Icon by L’Oreal which is a bronzy gold shimmer. They I did some little golden glitter sprinkles at the top, as let’s be honest I’m not the one to pay the iron price.


It could probably do with a lighter colour under the decal but I kind of like it anyway.


Winter is coming – and so are Stark manicures

The Starks are down but not out I think. I suspect that Sansa is really the hidden force in the Starks but “Lady StoneHeart” is going to have some terrifying part to play in the next book.

This manicure is ImageImage

The colours are Illamasqua Harsh and Illamasqua Snap which I chose both as the colours worked for a snowy field and I liked the wordplay of a Harsh Snap, when their motto is Winter is Coming. The nail decals are from Tentacle Studios on etsy and they are perfect… $4 for sheet of mixed sigils (5 house x 14 decals). And they came really quickly.


Game of Thrones – Tully Manicure

game of thrones tully

The Tully house doesn’t have any women in it as such at the moment, yet the women seem to be playing a powerful roles in Westeros in other houses in the Game of Thrones series (Catelyn as matriach of the Starks and Lyssa in the Vale). The sigil of the Tullys in the book is vertical red and blue lines, but in the TV series is shown as horizontal lines. In both cases they have a silver trout as a leaping in a red and blue field.The sigil of Bryden Tully is the same but with a black fish, so I split the different for this fish and made him half black and half white.

I have put a base coat of Essence ‘Kiss on top of the rock’ on all fingers, then a wavy tip on the other fingers with Essence ‘hard to resist’. On the ring finger I have  Essence ‘Kiss on top of the rock’ with a top coat of Essence ‘dancing in the streets’ and a freehand trout using a sharpie and OPI ‘My boyfriend scales walls’.

Game of Thrones Stark Manicure

Game of Thrones Stark Manicure

Yes, winter is coming. And so is the new season of GoT. The Stark manicure was hard to work out, most of the women don’t seem like they’d like nail art except Stansa and she is the only one without a wolf and trying to play down the fact she is a stark.
The fingers are Nubar Black Chrome with a top coat of Nubar White Polka, because as the Starks motto says “Winter is coming”, so I though snow would be cool. It’s got a matte finish which seems to suit them too.
Next I wanted to include the direwolf which is their sigil. The direwolf has been interpreted different ways but I picture a wolf that blends easy in the snow and trees of the north.
The thumb base colour is Essence ‘Got a Secret’ which is a light grey creme. Then I used Illamasqua Scorch for the ears and eyes, and Illamasqua Throb for a eye highlight. The rest of the direwolf is sketched with a sharpie. The red eyes are a reference to the weirwood gods, which seem to be linked firmly to the starks as well.

Game of Thrones – Tyrell Manicure

Another one of the great families in game of thrones are the Tyrells. I particularly like the women in the family, and without spoiling the surprise for anyone who hasn’t read the books ahead of watching the series… they have the Joffrey situation locked down.

The Tyrells sigil is a golden rose in full bloom against a green field, and their motto is “Growing Stronger”. The women all distinctly have thorns behind the pretty exterior.


Margaery seems like she would so be into nail art. I have freehanded three simple flowers against my background of Illamasqua Scorch in different shades of gold, using Nubar Unpredicatable Taupe, then Essence Destination Sunshine and Ulta3 Honululu in the centre.


In real life the metallic makes it ‘pop’ a little and increased the impact 🙂

Game of Thrones Lannister Manicure- Scarab with Gold Digger

For this manicure I did a gold glitter gradient with China Glaze Gold Digger on a base of Illamasqua Scarab.

Lannister Manicure - Gold glitter gradient on a deep red base

This is what I picture Cersei Lannister wearing in Game of Thrones. Her family colours are gold and red and she knows she needs to look the part. She is dripping in wealth and has a lot of pride in being the ultimate Lannister woman. She wouldn’t have the time or patience for fancy nail art – that’s Sansa’s style – so a glitter gradient is a simple and hardy manicure that looks great.

China Glaze Gold digger is a nail polish that doesn’t get much play on the blogs, I think because it’s quite ‘plain’ and can’t be used as an opaque. But it’s great colour for accents and is a good glitter when you want the under coat to show through.

I’m including a picture of my before nail to show 3 days of tip wear with Illamasqua, it’s really minimal I find.

scarab tip wear

I find the glitter gradient is a really simple and effective way to disguise tip wear in general though, and extend a manicure when you don’t have the time to remove your polish and start from scratch.

Now I’m think of my next Game of Thrones manicure… maybe Catelyn Stark. I’m not sure I have the patience to try and do the Tully fish though… will have to come up with a simpler design.