Priceline cosmetic bargains and gift with purchase

Another gift-with-purchase option is the Priceline Australia tote bag. With a $60 purchase you can get this bag –

  • 2 set of false lashes
  • An ombre nail polish set
  • Some Sally Hansen polish
  • Maybelline BB cream
  • Rimmel Match foundation
  • A lipbalmstain chubby crayon thing from Models Prefer
  • Revlon lip butter
  • Redness correcting concealer (?Physians Formula brand I think)
  • some nail polish removing wipes
  • Nude by Nature Illuminator
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Pencil eyeliner
  • tote/compact/etc

I do mock these tote bags but do donate them to your local shelter they are very useful for folks in a hostel you need to use communal bathrooms.

Now the nice thing about the priceline deal is you can double up deals and mix brands. Some ideas include;

So basically you can get a stack of drugstore makeup for you or mum for not too much….


Anyway you don’t get to choose colours but it’s a good haul of stuff.