OMD2 – Last but not least

sally hansen swatch firefly

The prompt for the final day of OMD2 is my signature style. I like to choose an accent nail that draws out the colours of the rest of my nails. Sometimes this is an accent dotticure with the colour on other nails, or an accent glitter with ombre nails in the shades of the glitter. This time I did the main nails in Sally Hansen Firefly which is a pink/gold duochrome (with a very shy lime green shift that mainly shows up underwater), and an accent nail of Sally Hansen Splattered which is one of their new color frenzy top coat (over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls). It has pale pink and black hex glitter, gold flakies and bright pink small bar glitter. The black glitter seems quite shy coming out of the bottle compared to the baby pink glitter for some reason?
photo 1

photo 2


OMD2 – Favorite polish (so behind I’m heading backwards)

My favorite polish at the moment is probably Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces. It changes regularly though, but I do enjoy a dark green-blue with circle glitters. On the two middle fingers I have Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces, on the two out fingers I have ILNP Purgatory which echos the dark green blue of the jelly and on the thumb I have Catrice Petropolitan which echos the greener tones of the glitter with some teal microglitter like the other two polishes. Unfortunately the weather is a little glum and rainy here so its hard to capture the sparkly depths of this mani – but it’s absolutely stunning
photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

OMD2 – Glitter Placement

I am SO BEHIND on this challenge. This is the glitter placement day – my first urge is to ramp up the bling when I hear glitter so I thought I’d go the opposite direction, and did a base coat of Butter London Yummy Mummy and a top coat of Ulta3 ShowStopper with a matte top coat. Subtle as I could make it!photo

Alas the flaw with my plan was that Ulta3 does not always play nicely with some of the 3-4-5 free polishes and made the Butter London gluggy and a bit prone to dings and dents.

Speckle by Illamasqua

I was not convinced by the bottle on this polish, but it’s a lovely classy and subtle polish on the nail. It’s a pale, “nude” (warm) pink with fine black and larger black matte glitters.




The finish is very smooth considering the amount of glitter, and the glitter is perfectly distributed so no fishing or weird technqiues were required to get it to distributed equally.

As with all Illamasqua it has wore very well and there is only minimal tip wear on two fingers after 5 days wear. The polish is also relatively easy to remove for a glitter even when using a standard basecoat.

Galaxy by Sportsgirl Nail It! over Scorch by Illamasqua

Galaxy is a matte glitter topper with blue and green hex glitter in a meduim and small size. Sportsgirl have been doing some pretty cute ‘indie-esque’ style matte glitter nail polishes which I love as I like the look but find the drama associated with the indie brands a little bit much to deal with.


Generally they retail for $8.95 for 10ml as well, although this one was on special for $4.95. I decided to layer it over scorch by Illamasqua (a pure white) but I have to say it did not want to play nicely with the illamasqua polish. Next time I’m going to try it over a cheapie essence or Ulta3 and see if it’s happier with those formulations.


I’m really happy though to see Australian shops trying some different looking nail polishes and not just duping OPI all the time!

Winter is coming – and so are Stark manicures

The Starks are down but not out I think. I suspect that Sansa is really the hidden force in the Starks but “Lady StoneHeart” is going to have some terrifying part to play in the next book.

This manicure is ImageImage

The colours are Illamasqua Harsh and Illamasqua Snap which I chose both as the colours worked for a snowy field and I liked the wordplay of a Harsh Snap, when their motto is Winter is Coming. The nail decals are from Tentacle Studios on etsy and they are perfect… $4 for sheet of mixed sigils (5 house x 14 decals). And they came really quickly.


RAIN RAIN rain rain RAIN go away

I have not posted recently not only because I’m busy but also it’s been so damn rainy I cannot get a decent photo. This is the best I can get of Russian Navy x which was an OPI christmas set I bought to gift to someone myself. It came wlaith “hair tie bracelets” which I had thought were hair ties but turn out to be some weird glamor version of the spare hair tie around your wrist. Hahha.

Russian Navy is the original blurple, navy blue that turns purple in some lights. It has a holo shimmer that gives a gorgeous depth. is a purple, pink and teal meduim hex glitter with some fine teal glitter. It’s very funky but I actually don’t think Russian Navy is the best base for this polish. I think a lighter base is probably the best base for this one.



Catrice Oh My Goldness with China Glaze Gold Digger

The Catrice polish is a bronze-y orange foil shimmer. It’s a little sheer again needing 3-4 coats but is a lovely colour for the start of autumn. The brush is really easy to use again gives a smooth finish to the polish. Overall it’s a very smooth self leveling polish for a foil.


I topped with China Glaze Gold Digger just to cover up some tip wear from day 3 onwards but this was the extent of the wear until I got bored after 5-6 days in 🙂



Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber (Confetti fun x OMB!)

I got a bottle of a multicoloured glitter topper and shimmer coat from the Selena Gomez. I thought it might be funny to layer it on one of the polishes I have from the Justin Beiber collection called OMB! which is a sort of rasberry foil-shimmer. To be honest it doesn’t give the clearest view of either one but it is VERY COLORFUL and SHIMMERY and GLITTERY and I kind of love it. It’s the ultimate teen-dream nail! hehehehehe I really got to show Confetti Fun over black as it’s actually one of the best OPI/NOPI multi coloured glitters.


ImageImageImage Image

Edited to add; Here is Confetti Fun over Essie Licorice (plain black crelly)

essie licorice nopi confetti fun