OMD2 – Last but not least

sally hansen swatch firefly

The prompt for the final day of OMD2 is my signature style. I like to choose an accent nail that draws out the colours of the rest of my nails. Sometimes this is an accent dotticure with the colour on other nails, or an accent glitter with ombre nails in the shades of the glitter. This time I did the main nails in Sally Hansen Firefly which is a pink/gold duochrome (with a very shy lime green shift that mainly shows up underwater), and an accent nail of Sally Hansen Splattered which is one of their new color frenzy top coat (over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls). It has pale pink and black hex glitter, gold flakies and bright pink small bar glitter. The black glitter seems quite shy coming out of the bottle compared to the baby pink glitter for some reason?
photo 1

photo 2


OMD – Dark (as your soul)

I thought for the OMD2 challenge Dark prompt I’d do a dark purple and dry brush some gold over the top. It didn’t go quite as well as I hoped – the gold really didn’t get as dry and streaky as I liked especially with the OPI top coat on but it was good to try out a new technique. The polishes are OPI Russian Navy and Nubar Unpredictable Taupe.

Catrice Oh My Goldness with China Glaze Gold Digger

The Catrice polish is a bronze-y orange foil shimmer. It’s a little sheer again needing 3-4 coats but is a lovely colour for the start of autumn. The brush is really easy to use again gives a smooth finish to the polish. Overall it’s a very smooth self leveling polish for a foil.


I topped with China Glaze Gold Digger just to cover up some tip wear from day 3 onwards but this was the extent of the wear until I got bored after 5-6 days in 🙂



Catrice Petropolitan x Sportsgirl all that glitters

I had a long term crush on Petropolitan from all the pictures I had seen on UK beauty bloggers. I love a greyed out blue, and a blue-green and this was a greyed out blue-green with teal shimmer. Winner. I can’t seem to get Catrice polishes in Australia but found this one in Singapore so yay. (I hope some one starts stocking it locally as Essence is so popular and Catrice is the sister brand) It’s as nice as I hoped, all though a little sheer. This is 2 coats but I think it would be happier as a 3 coater as I have some patches of not excellent coverage at 2 coats. I topped the middle two fingers with a coat on Sportsgirl all that glitters which is a fine and meduim hex gold glitter topper. Its nice, but fairly similar to a lot of other toppers on the market in the sub $10 polish market. I do like fine glitter shimmer, it really makes the polish sparkle.


Gold with black matte glitter

This is a quick nail of the day on my current super short nails, Nubar Unpredictable Taupe with a top coat of Ulta3 Out of Sight. Out of sight is a black matte glitter, long drying time but super cheap at $2 so I can spend an extra few minutes waiting for drying I guess. (It’s such a slow drying polish that a quick dry top coat seems to cause bubbles as the gas tries to release. Image

The Nubar polish is a bit prone to chipping so the top coat might hopefully preserve the mani a bit.

My nail are looking a bit sad as I work towards V2 of My Makeup Collection which should make it even more useful to users! I managed to bite them all down which is not exactly good advertising…. hahahha

Merry Christmas (& a happy new mani)


My Christmas mani this year was Marrionaud Rouge Envie with a top coat of Hearts of Gold FX. These are both quite unloved in my collection as Rouge Envie (whilst insanely pretty) is the most chip-prone nail polish I own, and Hearts of Gold FX has a lot of issues with needing to fish out the large holo hearts. However in combination the wear improves a bit and the combination of red jelly and gold hearts and fine glitter seemed to call out Christmas to me.

I hope you all got what you wanted this year. I certainly did which was spending the day with my loved ones 🙂 and a nice long soak in the bath with a bath bomb.

Get Reddy by Revlon – guest appearance by China Glaze Electrify

I have previously been …. less than flattering about Revlon polishes. I just got some Revlon top coat as I’m out of Poshe and I tried it with Get Reddy. Its actually been surprisingly good at maintaining my manicure for the week they claim! I may have to eat my words 😦 Get Reddy is an really nice orange-y red with a warm shimmer. Its a good summer red for me, as it has a bit of warmth but doesn’t turn my skin tone in lobster paws.


After 5 days or so I was bored and had some tip wear so I put on some glitter tips with China Glaze Electrify (gold and orange glitter). The effect was awesome, the red and gold and orange looked like flames in the sun. Of course trying to get my camera to capture that sort of action was not so easy. The shot below is inside lighting in my kitchen but I still love it. 


Showstopper by Ulta3

Oh look at this beauty! It’s got different sizes of gold and silver hex glitter in a clear base. I think it would go opaque by itself, the picture below is a single coat over black (Revlon Lunar). It dries super glossy, this is with no top coat and it looks like a Seche finish… my camera can barely handle the shine.


This retails for $2 and is easily as good as many midrange polishes. Pick up one, or many! if you pass a chemist that stocks. You won’t regret it.