NOTD – I don’t give a Rotterdam (matte top coat).

I am loving this L’Oreal matte top coat. It’s such a great brush for a mini and just works quicky and dries well. How pretty does this polish come out matte! I love the blue-grey subtleness. 


I need to get back to posting more regularly but the beta testing for the next version of My Makeup Collection is continuing and I’m totally busy. On the bright side I’m so exited by how v2 is looking!


Catrice Petropolitan x Sportsgirl all that glitters

I had a long term crush on Petropolitan from all the pictures I had seen on UK beauty bloggers. I love a greyed out blue, and a blue-green and this was a greyed out blue-green with teal shimmer. Winner. I can’t seem to get Catrice polishes in Australia but found this one in Singapore so yay. (I hope some one starts stocking it locally as Essence is so popular and Catrice is the sister brand) It’s as nice as I hoped, all though a little sheer. This is 2 coats but I think it would be happier as a 3 coater as I have some patches of not excellent coverage at 2 coats. I topped the middle two fingers with a coat on Sportsgirl all that glitters which is a fine and meduim hex gold glitter topper. Its nice, but fairly similar to a lot of other toppers on the market in the sub $10 polish market. I do like fine glitter shimmer, it really makes the polish sparkle.


Essence sparkle sand polishes – “here’s my number”

Essence has come out with their version of the textured polishes the OPI/ChinaGlae/Zoyas have been doing for the last year. I’ve been reluctant to shell out for a big brand version of these as I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like the texture on me. (And as it turns out I do find it quite weird during the day).

The colour I went with is here’s my number which is a dark graphite grey with blue holo glitter. I have a lot of dark graphite type polishes but I really like them so I am I always up for a new one!Image

The polish really comes into it’s own in the sunlight when they holo sparkle comes out. Then it truly does look like sparkle sand!

photo 1

It’s a very solid purchase for $2.75! and gets my vote if you want to try the textured polish trend.

Stagnate by Illamasqua

stagnate illamasqua

This polish is from Illamasquas Toxic Nature collection. It was a precursor to the spate of paradoxal greyed purples, in that it was a muted brown-grey-purple. It’s a related shade on the colour chart perhaps, but the paradoxal shades all looked pretty where this shade (similarly to all the colours in that collection) is an ugly beauty. It truly calls to mind a stagnant puddle of water, dark with muck and slightly off natural shade.

While compared to any polish from another brand this is a long wearing polish, it definitely doesn’t wear as well as the later Illamasqua polishes although if memory serves me correctly it may have been better when ‘fresh’. The formula is self leveling and has a true to bottle shade match.

GOT – Greens

This is Orly walk down the aisle over Revlon Silver. Walk down the aisle is not a good polish. It’s a no good, very silly polish. Super light. I thought it might behave as a fun top coat and give a slight green shimmer to the grey matte undercoat but the formulas seem to disagree and I got heavy cuticle flooding. Ackk. So much for that plan. Why do I have so many problems just throwing out nail polish that doesn’t work at all.



Cool-neutral toned skittle

This is a sort of cool-neutral skittle. The colours are

Thumb – My Boyfriend Scales Walls – OPI

I gotta secret – Essence

I don’t give a Rotterdam – OPI

Khaki Pastiche – Marrionaud and

Bleu Precieux – Marrionaud (which seems to have taken on a really different hue in this photo next to the others!).

The links are to my previous reviews/swatches 🙂


Graphite grey polish comparison

I own a lot of nail polishes in this dark silver/graphite family. I am comparing Illamasqua Snap, Essence luxury secret, Essence icy princess and Orly Seagurl. Icy princess is obviously much lighter and sparklier/shinier. Tonally luxury secret and Snap are very similar but the formula on Snap is much easier to use. Seagurl is darker again and slighter warmed in tone. In my experience its prone to chipping but is a nice colour to wear and a good formula to apply. Image

The first two polishes are one coat, the icy princess is 3 coats and seagurl is 2 coats. I think that luxury secret and snap are very comparable. My pick is the Illamasqua Snap, but it’s about 10x the price for 2x the polish so the Essence is a very good cheaper dupe.

Marrionaud – Khaki Pastiche


This is a gorgeous brand of nail polishes that retail in Europe. I picked these up in Europe. The first one is “Khaki Pastiche” which I think means a mix of khaki? so it’s blue-green-grey. It’s actually a really nice colour as its sort of neutral as it works with everything. The pigmentation is as strong as a high end brand, and it has a fab thick brush. It also is very chip resistant and the formula just almost paints it self. If you ever get a chance to pick one up, or get offered one in a swap, you’ll never regret it!

Oh Hi, that’s right I have a blog…

Oh my poor neglected blog. Life does get busy and messy sometimes. Anyhoo…

I have been rather lusting over Artful Dodger by Butter London. It’s a sort of blue-grey that you don’t see very often. But I’m not buying cosmetics, and even when I restart I will not be buying Butter London – they just don’t seem to live up to the price point.

Sorting through my nail polishes I found a mini from a Claires set in a similar sort of colour family. It is a blue grey but much darker than the Artful Dodger and has a lavender like appearance in some lights. I actually really like the formula and the colour is really unusual but of course as Claires doesn’t put names on their polishes they are quite hard to rebuy especially online.


Pretty isn’t it! A couple of days later I layered a coat of BYS Glam Glitter to add some holographic glitter goodness.


It’s also a really nice backdrop for a quite ‘blingy’ glitter like this one I think.