Grapelicious by INLP

One of my favorourite things about summer is grapes. (Let’s be honest, one of my favourite things about winter is wine which is grape-licious too!). I also really like holographic nail polishes and purple nails. This polish – Grapelicious by INLP has a grape-y name and is a intense linear holo. In fact it’s probbaly one of the strongest holos I own. It’s really fun to wear at the moment as Australia is sweltering with a heatwave whilist the northern hemisphere is shivering in a polar vortex.

The polish has a good consistency, easy to apply and no flooding. It’s lasted quite well for a holo as well (around 3 days? with tip wear) but no chipping. The colour is really fun, it reminds me of grape flavoured bubble gum growing up – or a grape starburst. Utterly unnatural and utterly delicious nonetheless!



Where is the party? at the Diamond Arcade…

This manicure has Essence “Where is the party?” which is a green-purple duochrome. As an accent I have nails Inc Diamond Arcade which I scored in a nail polish swap recently. Its one of those new ‘shard’ styles of glitters (irregular sharp shapes) in a silver holo finish.

I wasn’t that excited about it at first but its very bright and holographic in the sun. It has a distinct texture though so if that bothers you it will require a couple of coats of top coat. Image


Merry Christmas (& a happy new mani)


My Christmas mani this year was Marrionaud Rouge Envie with a top coat of Hearts of Gold FX. These are both quite unloved in my collection as Rouge Envie (whilst insanely pretty) is the most chip-prone nail polish I own, and Hearts of Gold FX has a lot of issues with needing to fish out the large holo hearts. However in combination the wear improves a bit and the combination of red jelly and gold hearts and fine glitter seemed to call out Christmas to me.

I hope you all got what you wanted this year. I certainly did which was spending the day with my loved ones 🙂 and a nice long soak in the bath with a bath bomb.

Absolute Zero by I Love Nail Polish


One of the colours I have always wanted to get a high end of is a nice dark blue like Chanel Blue Satin or Illamasqua Phallic. Never quite made it onto the must by list so I’ve been making do with a very nice Essence dupe called Hard to Resist and Nubar Navy Blue. Still I was delighted when I scored the free navy blue polish absolute zero from I Love Nail Polish from the pre order. The colour is lovely and then as an added treat there is a scattered holo in the sunshine.

On the down side the wear is pretty fast, this is 24 hours later and includes a top coat. But it is a delightful color and I’m really happy to own it!

Celestial FX by Revlon

I have a new polish to show here – Celestial FX by Revlon. It’s got holographic silver moons, stars and diamonds with small pink and blue toned holo glitters. It’s seriously cute and shows just how much Revlon is upping their glitter game recently. Image


This is over black (Revlon Lunar) and as usual with a holo does not show the true WOW factor in pictures. It seems to retail for a $15.95 in Australia, but this was picked up in Gloss using their 3 for $12 Revlon polish deal by my teenager. She has a good nose for these things!


Wolverine Inspired Manicure with Adamantium Claws


This was inspired by the latest Wolverine pic. I freaking love Hugh Jackman. Such an awesome example of Aussie masculinity I think.

I have used a base of OPI My Private Jet. It took me a while of experimenting to get claws I liked, foil finish polishes are so finicky to get looking good. I was cursing my lack of foil nail decals to shred, but then I realised that the inside of the foil pack my coffee bags come in could easily be cut and glued on. I like the way it turned out too!


The holo is subtle but comes out in the light and the claws are sharp and bright! just like they should.

OMD – Holo

This is a seriously holo glitter topper I have from BYS (a local cheapie brand) called Glam Glitter. All of the other colours seems to have serious colour bleeds on the shelf so I choose the silver. It has really chunky glitters, some in a meduim hex. It’s holo even in low light but WOAH sparkly in the sunlight.


I’ve layered it over midnight blue with is a super densely pigmented polish by Ulta 3 (another local cheapie brand). The downside for both polishes is similar; not 3-free, slow to dry (and easy to smear as a result), annoying formula. But the end result is a very pretty effect, sort of a glittery night sky.