Dupe-ish; Illamasqua Precision Ink in Wisdom vs NYX Aqua Luxe Liner in Golden

I really love my Illamasqua precision ink in Wisdom, it’s a touch less intense for days when I’m not doing a gel liner and has just a touch of sparkle. Unfortunately at $32 it’s a little pricy for something you are supposed to throw out after 3 months (damn you liquid eyeliners!).


I just found this dupe-ish liner from NYX (R. vs Illamasqua on the left) which is also waterproof and long wearing and has a very similar black with light gold sparkles effect and it was $7 on special. So yay. The NYX is a touch more sparkly and has a true brush rather than the silicon nub tip, which I like as I seem to get better control with a brush.


Mottle by Illamasqua Swatch

This is part of the Speckled collection by Illamasqua. Mottle is a pale green with the same mix of black matte glitters. It’s a very delicate color, and much prettier than the name suggests (mottle makes me think of decay and mildew). The color has worn pretty well apart from the knife I manage to slice through my finger & nail 12 hours after my manicure 😦


Speckle by Illamasqua

I was not convinced by the bottle on this polish, but it’s a lovely classy and subtle polish on the nail. It’s a pale, “nude” (warm) pink with fine black and larger black matte glitters.




The finish is very smooth considering the amount of glitter, and the glitter is perfectly distributed so no fishing or weird technqiues were required to get it to distributed equally.

As with all Illamasqua it has wore very well and there is only minimal tip wear on two fingers after 5 days wear. The polish is also relatively easy to remove for a glitter even when using a standard basecoat.

Winter is coming – and so are Stark manicures

The Starks are down but not out I think. I suspect that Sansa is really the hidden force in the Starks but “Lady StoneHeart” is going to have some terrifying part to play in the next book.

This manicure is ImageImage

The colours are Illamasqua Harsh and Illamasqua Snap which I chose both as the colours worked for a snowy field and I liked the wordplay of a Harsh Snap, when their motto is Winter is Coming. The nail decals are from Tentacle Studios on etsy and they are perfect… $4 for sheet of mixed sigils (5 house x 14 decals). And they came really quickly.


Best White Nail Polishes

The search for a perfect white nail polish can be a little frustrating. There is something very fresh and modern about opaque, yet shiny white nails but in practise white nail polish is often streaky and can look like white out if the color is not applied cleanly.


(If you don’t trust me, you gotta trust Queen Bey!)

My top 10 white nail polishes are;

Illamasqua Scorch –  this is seriously good as a white, but not really worth the price tag (it’s just a pure white with go texture, shimmer or other tricks). Try and pick it up on sale from Illamasqua.

OPI Alpine Snow – Pure white, but a tricky texture

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls – slightly off white but slightly easier to work with than OPI Alphine snow

Essie Blanc – Snowy white

Essie Marshmallow – more of a jelly like texture which is nice if you want something less stark.

Picture Polish White Wedding – milky white base packed with rainbow shimmer. This formula is NOT fun (thick, streaky, goopy) and the polish is not always easy to obtain. Yet the shimmer is really pretty and lifts it to the next level.

Ulta3 Lily White – this is only available locally in Australia and is a normal white (ie slightly hard to work with) with a relatively long dry time (ughh) … and yet it’s $2. A good basic to have on the shelf.

Chanel Eastern Light – which looks utterly stunning, yet the price tag is somewhat aspirational 27USD/39AUD

Butter London Cotton Buds – which has got some good reviews but I find chips quickly on me. YMMV of course.

China Glaze White on White – this dries quickly. Its a pain to get streak free but no more than the average white and at least a quick dry time is a plus.

Do you like white nail polish? What’s your favorite that I should try next?

Illamasqua polish hauling

I recently ordered a few Illamasqua nail polishes from Myer. After being frustrated at the fact I couldn’t get the cheaper sale nail polishes in the twice year Illamasqua sale Myer finally had a brilliant sale on the UV and speckled polishes and I picked them up for $5 each. Whee!


So far I have only swatched the purple ouja polish which is one of the UV glow polishes. I held off buying these as to be honest I am way past the time of my life where I spend time in black lit night clubs… the only place I go that is black/blue lit is the local public toilets near the kids toilets (the joys of inner city living!)

  However the colour is really pretty by itself so I’m glad I bought it! Th


It’s a shimmer purple with an almost golden sheen. The formula is slightly thicker than the normal Illamasqua polish and quite slow drying. However it’s wearing really well again and could have easily been a one coater (if I hadn’t smudged the tips having my cup of coffee while it’s drying :()

Stagnate by Illamasqua

stagnate illamasqua

This polish is from Illamasquas Toxic Nature collection. It was a precursor to the spate of paradoxal greyed purples, in that it was a muted brown-grey-purple. It’s a related shade on the colour chart perhaps, but the paradoxal shades all looked pretty where this shade (similarly to all the colours in that collection) is an ugly beauty. It truly calls to mind a stagnant puddle of water, dark with muck and slightly off natural shade.

While compared to any polish from another brand this is a long wearing polish, it definitely doesn’t wear as well as the later Illamasqua polishes although if memory serves me correctly it may have been better when ‘fresh’. The formula is self leveling and has a true to bottle shade match.

Everyday glitter EOTD


I really love the Beguile pigment by Illamasqua for patting over a smoky eye to add some rainbow holographic glitter goodness. But today I wore it by itself with Benefit Bad Girl mascara, brown-black Designer brands eyeliner and a touch of Illamasqua Fondle as highlighter at the brow bone.

It’s a good everyday look with glitter and a nice way to add some sparkle to my day 🙂