Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick Set

I swooped in quick to pick up Stila’s Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick Set from this years holiday collection. It has 3 deluxe samples – which the box says are 1ml/0.03oz each but the tubes say are 1.5Ml/0.05oz – of Baci, Beso and Ricco.

You get a lovely nude, a classic red and a plum which I think covers the most popular colours customers will be looking.


At $29 it’s a good price for a friend who likes mid-range cosmetics as that’s a pretty common price point for a single lipstick in that range. It’s also a lovely looking pack and the lipsticks don’t feel stingy in size.


(I’ve included a shot next to the super cute Hourglass mini, that is a tiny lippie and retails for $14 at Mecca). Great for a clutch, but it is teeny if you are gifting.


I’m pretty sure this will sell out so jump in quick.


Good kisser vs A Novel Romance


photo 1

I headed into Myer this weekend to see the MAC Novel Romance collection. I was jonesing for a Lingering Kiss but it’s sold out at my local store. Bummer.

As a side thought I thought a swatch of a Novel Romance (L) vs Good Kisser (R) might be useful as I couldn’t really tell the difference on a lot of swatches on line. They are VERY different in person, vivid vs very light and silky.

Ulta3 Deep Rose Red Lipstick Swatch & Review

I picked up this lipstick out of the winter collection of matte lipsticks. The Ulta 3 packaging has definitely gotten classier, isn’t this quite attractive for $3.99!



It’s a relatively sheer yet buildable matte colour. I’ve swatched here against Ruby Woo by Mac to give you an idea of the pigmentation/moisture levels compared to a MAC retro matte. It’s definitely on the moister end of a matte lipstick which makes it substantially more flattering on little lip lines and more comfortable during winter than a true matte, without sacrificing the matte look. Obviously the wear time isn’t quite as good as a true matte either but for the price point it really is a great product and definitely a great buy in this price point.

This shade is a slightly more ‘wine’ red shade than the name suggests which makes it a nice wintery shade.



Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede

My day to day lipstick is the Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick. It’s drying as heck, but really stays on and the premuim pink color is subtle enough on my colouring to make me look signficant less tired but is not that bright. Unfortunately it seems harder and harder to get my hands on (are they discontinuing this range?) , and I’m not a massive fan of the doe foot applicator. I decided to give the new ultimate suede range a chance hoping they might be a touch less drying. I went with the shade Muse as that seemed to be the closest to Premuim Pink (my colour in Color Liquid Lipsticks)



photo 2

It starts off relatively good, definitely more moisturising than the liqiud lipsticks. The colour is sheer but buildable and has a nice finish as it applies.


But alas it rapidly dries out and the colour changes somewhat.

I think I’ll stock pile my older liquid lipsticks for now and buy up on the lipbalm stains 🙂photo 3

Nouveau Cheap has a review of this colour and some others here if you wanted some more swatches.

A very Merry Goth-mas

I realised my blog has been a little… nail centric so decided to splash out on a black lipstick. I’ll admit that I was quite taken by some of the pictures of MAC Hautecore (swatches by Temptalia) but the price tag seemed a little high for what was unlikely to be a commonly used lippie in my collection. So instead I went for the $3 ulta3 Onyx lipstick. It’s described as  matte black lipstick.


It did not under any circumstance get to an opaque finish, I think you’d need to layer with an eyeliner for that effect. Equally it was sleeker and more mosturising than I would have expected for a matte finish, and the combination meant it was a bit prone to feathering… and the light finish really does me it would need a full pencil undercoat as the coats are so sheer.


I wore it out and about for an hour then came home and worked up a fun opaque grey lipstick by combining it with Revlon Ginger Rose. This wore really well (8 hours) and looked quite effective but I did not manage to take any photos somehow.

Generally speaking I don’t think it’s overly flattering on teeth though, I had the impression from various editorials it was going to make teeth look really white but it casts a greyish sheen onto teeth so they actually look quite dark .

Red Lipstick Comparison

I am comparing Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lipstick in Top Tomato, Illamasqua Sangers, Revlon Matte in In the Red, MAC Ruby Woo. Maybelline Colorsensational in Red Revival, and Dior Rouge in Red Icon.

The most pleasant texture is the Dior. This is a true red and has the second best pigmentation.

The best pigmentation is the Maybelline Red Revival. The downside is this is really waxy, it’s a really old fashioned ‘nanna-ish’ style formula to me as it has that old school lipstick odour. I mainly use this as stage makeup as it’s so thick and vivid it wears well as stage lipstick.

Best wear is the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lipstick. You can try feathering this and it just does not move. It’s great for work wear as a result. But it’s drying as heck so I usually it as a lipstain with a lipgloss or less wearing lipstick on stop. It’s got a nice shimmer that subtly lifts the matte finish.

Revlon Matte and MAC matte lipsticks have a similar level of moisture and pigmentation. Illamasqua lipsticks are a bit disappointing on the pigmentation front but do have good wear so I usually layer these with a lipgloss. In the Red leans to a brick red, and Sangers is a beautiful true red.


Red Icon lipstick by Dior

This is Red Icon by Dior Rouge. I’d called it a brick red aka a true red. This is more flattering on my sallow complexion and the formula is lovely, with heavy pigmentation and buttery texture. Unfortunately this doesn’t bode that well for wear time and I find myself doing multiple touch-up’s a day with this lipstick. I love it as I wear it, but for the price point I wish I wasn’t reapplying quite so often.

dior red icon lipstick

Just a reminder that the comparison swatches are here.