Merry Christmas (& a happy new mani)


My Christmas mani this year was Marrionaud Rouge Envie with a top coat of Hearts of Gold FX. These are both quite unloved in my collection as Rouge Envie (whilst insanely pretty) is the most chip-prone nail polish I own, and Hearts of Gold FX has a lot of issues with needing to fish out the large holo hearts. However in combination the wear improves a bit and the combination of red jelly and gold hearts and fine glitter seemed to call out Christmas to me.

I hope you all got what you wanted this year. I certainly did which was spending the day with my loved ones 🙂 and a nice long soak in the bath with a bath bomb.


Cool-neutral toned skittle

This is a sort of cool-neutral skittle. The colours are

Thumb – My Boyfriend Scales Walls – OPI

I gotta secret – Essence

I don’t give a Rotterdam – OPI

Khaki Pastiche – Marrionaud and

Bleu Precieux – Marrionaud (which seems to have taken on a really different hue in this photo next to the others!).

The links are to my previous reviews/swatches 🙂


Marrionaud Rouge Envie with Emily de Molly Ruby Soho

 The main colour here is Marriounaud which is a really stunning cherry red jelly. Its the kind of colour you just smile looking at. But it chips in no time at all 😦 so this is not one to wear for a week. The accent finger is Ruby Soho by Emily De Molly which is a red and pink glitter bomb. I have worn it previously with a black undercoat but wanted to try and get it opaque as an accent but alas it won’t get opaque even at 3 coats, and started getting quite chunkeriffic at the 3 coat mark so I stopped. None the less I think this will be in heavy rotation as a holiday polish, it looks very festive to me!


Marrionaud – Khaki Pastiche


This is a gorgeous brand of nail polishes that retail in Europe. I picked these up in Europe. The first one is “Khaki Pastiche” which I think means a mix of khaki? so it’s blue-green-grey. It’s actually a really nice colour as its sort of neutral as it works with everything. The pigmentation is as strong as a high end brand, and it has a fab thick brush. It also is very chip resistant and the formula just almost paints it self. If you ever get a chance to pick one up, or get offered one in a swap, you’ll never regret it!