A Review of Grey Suede


Check out this product review from My Makeup Collection.



RAIN RAIN rain rain RAIN go away

I have not posted recently not only because I’m busy but also it’s been so damn rainy I cannot get a decent photo. This is the best I can get of Russian Navy x Polka.com which was an OPI christmas set I bought to gift to someone myself. It came wlaith “hair tie bracelets” which I had thought were hair ties but turn out to be some weird glamor version of the spare hair tie around your wrist. Hahha.

Russian Navy is the original blurple, navy blue that turns purple in some lights. It has a holo shimmer that gives a gorgeous depth. Polka.com is a purple, pink and teal meduim hex glitter with some fine teal glitter. It’s very funky but I actually don’t think Russian Navy is the best base for this polish. I think a lighter base is probably the best base for this one.



Gold with black matte glitter

This is a quick nail of the day on my current super short nails, Nubar Unpredictable Taupe with a top coat of Ulta3 Out of Sight. Out of sight is a black matte glitter, long drying time but super cheap at $2 so I can spend an extra few minutes waiting for drying I guess. (It’s such a slow drying polish that a quick dry top coat seems to cause bubbles as the gas┬átries to release. Image

The Nubar polish is a bit prone to chipping so the top coat might hopefully preserve the mani a bit.

My nail are looking a bit sad as I work towards V2 of My Makeup Collection which should make it even more useful to users! I managed to bite them all down which is not exactly good advertising…. hahahha