So, the Ironborn… where are they again?

I was doing some very important work chatting about Game of Thrones with my cousin the other night (so, do you think Daenerys is about to GO UTTERLY MAD or what?). We mentioned that the Ironborn seem oddly missing – well apart from Theon’s ill fated raid on Winterfell. It’s a little sad because I assume that they discuss the broad brushstrokes of where the stories are all going with GRRM before they write the scripts and presumably that means that the Ironborn don’t have a major part to play going forward.

Anyway, I have worked on a little Ironborn tribute mani. It has a squid decal on a background of Mysterious Icon by L’Oreal which is a bronzy gold shimmer. They I did some little golden glitter sprinkles at the top, as let’s be honest I’m not the one to pay the iron price.


It could probably do with a lighter colour under the decal but I kind of like it anyway.


Nail stickers from NPW

I bought some of these super cute cat nail stickers from ASOS in the latest sale. I was utterly in love when I got them, and then very sad when I went to use them.


The designs are adorable but the stickers are really quite thick by nail sticker standards. They stick out quick a bit and stay relatively flat and do not want to cling to the nail bed at all. They lasted 12 hours which really isn’t enough when they stick into the nail polish and take off patches when they come off.

It may be that my nail beds are particularly curvy, especially my pinky nail but these just don’t work for me alas.


Hiss – Easy Halloween nail art

This is a base coat of OPI Roll in the Hague, with an topper of Ulta3 Stop the Press on pinky and middle finger, and a black cat decal on the ring finger. I got my black cat sticker from a cheapie $1 ebay scary pack of nail decals.

Roll in the Hague is bright red-orange color, a really typical Dutch orange that you see whenever the dutch sports teams are out playing!! It applied like a dream – could have been a one coater but the second coat definitely deepened the colour. It’s also worn really well, this is about three days in and I have no noticable wear.

easy halloween nail art roll in the hague

Making any SPOOKY plans yet?

Essie Case Study with black stripy lines

This is a mani with Essie Case Study and Revlon Lunar.Image

Essie Case Study has a lovely formula and it wears really well (chipfree on day 3). It’s a light brown latte-ish colour, probably nude on someones skin but not mine! I like a neutral like this to sit under glitters and this does the job well and is a good office neutral sort of colour.


OMD – Inspired by Fashion

My inspired by fashion manicure for the OMD challenge was inspired by the Creatures of the Wind manicures from New York Fashion Week. If you haven’t seen the original here, its white based nails with coloured squiggly lines down one side. I decided to do a more neutral one with a black base/white accent nail and 3 colours of gold squiggles using my Illamasqua precision inks in Wisdom (antique gold), Alchemy (bright gold) and Glister (Pearlescent nude).


I think the Wisdom was a touch dark for the white, and Glister barely showed up against the black but it was a fun night time mani I ended up wearing for 3 days! The black used was Illamasqua Boosh, and the white was Illamasqua Scorch.

Wolverine Inspired Manicure with Adamantium Claws


This was inspired by the latest Wolverine pic. I freaking love Hugh Jackman. Such an awesome example of Aussie masculinity I think.

I have used a base of OPI My Private Jet. It took me a while of experimenting to get claws I liked, foil finish polishes are so finicky to get looking good. I was cursing my lack of foil nail decals to shred, but then I realised that the inside of the foil pack my coffee bags come in could easily be cut and glued on. I like the way it turned out too!


The holo is subtle but comes out in the light and the claws are sharp and bright! just like they should.

OMD – Flowers

I did some poppies for my floral edition of the Oh Mon Dieu! It’s Rather Awesome Challenge. The base is Revlon Pure Cashmere with Essence Fately Red and Revlon lunar for accents. I spent too long hmmm and hawing on whether the stems should go up or down I left them off.


Poppies are such a sweet and sad flower. They are used for remembrance and I chose them as this is the anniversary of a family members passing.

OMD challenge – Black and White

Oh, I love monochrome. Love wearing black and white outfits, I always feel so chic. I’m slightly worried that I may get mistaken for a penguin one of these days though.


This is OPI my boyfriend scales walls with a stripe of revlon lunar down the middle. My hint here is be patiently or you lose the impact with grey smears. So I’ve heard. Not that you can see on my little finger. No no no no no no.


As I’m trying to catch up on the challenge, so there may be some multiple post days.