Wallis by Butter London

I’m a sucker for a grungy metallic and this green-gold shade hits the spot perfectly. It’s been on my wishlist for a while but when it came up on catchoftheday.com.au for half price, along with the Nail Hardware base coat and PD Quick top coat I pulled the pin.


I’ve traditionally not had much luck with wear time on butter London but using the branded top coat and base does make a lot of difference. It’s not quite Illamasqua wear times, but definitely in the range of OPI wear times. The sizes are also a little more generous than I realised at 50% bigger than their standard bottle with a volume of 17.5ml which makes the pricing a little more palatable.


See – isn’t it beautiful! Sigh, a perfect art deco type colour and so multi seasonal.


So, the Ironborn… where are they again?

I was doing some very important work chatting about Game of Thrones with my cousin the other night (so, do you think Daenerys is about to GO UTTERLY MAD or what?). We mentioned that the Ironborn seem oddly missing – well apart from Theon’s ill fated raid on Winterfell. It’s a little sad because I assume that they discuss the broad brushstrokes of where the stories are all going with GRRM before they write the scripts and presumably that means that the Ironborn don’t have a major part to play going forward.

Anyway, I have worked on a little Ironborn tribute mani. It has a squid decal on a background of Mysterious Icon by L’Oreal which is a bronzy gold shimmer. They I did some little golden glitter sprinkles at the top, as let’s be honest I’m not the one to pay the iron price.


It could probably do with a lighter colour under the decal but I kind of like it anyway.

Locavore by Rescue Beauty Lounge

Locavore is a fun and chirpy mix of green, blue and pink glitter. It’s all fine glitter, none of the indie style mix of chunky and fine glitters. It’s got a goodly amount of glitter which is nice, and would probably suit a gradient if I hadn’t sheered my nails right off 😦


Some blogs seems to suggest that Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore can be used as a standalone polish, but using 3 coats as above is still pretty but doesn’t give you full coverage. I think you need 5-6 coats to get to that level and honestly my nails would be as thick as long by that point!

Bellabox October 2014

I am happy to say I got my bellabox before the end of the month this month. Yowser.

The best items are a Kester Black for Bellabox nail polish in Ruby Tuesday, which is actually corrally-orange more than red for some reason. It’s the first Kester Black polish I’ve tried and I’m utterly enamoured. The formula is thick but very workable and its a very vivid bright shade.


I also got a Rimmel Apolocalips in Celestial (101) which is a bright pink lip gloss/stain. It’s a very vivid colour when you swatch but fades to a workable colour.

I also got a sachet of a MOR handcream in neroli which is very strongly scented, so strongly that my kids have rejected their usual grab of the box as a ‘treasure box’. I also got some model co mixed sachet and some wipes, and a small travel sort of size deoderant. I also got a sample of pantenes new shampoo and conditioner. This should be handy as it’s the 4th set of them I’ve received this month. At least I’ll really know if it works on me, hey!

IMG_3921 IMG_3922 IMG_3924 IMG_3925

Hiss – Easy Halloween nail art

This is a base coat of OPI Roll in the Hague, with an topper of Ulta3 Stop the Press on pinky and middle finger, and a black cat decal on the ring finger. I got my black cat sticker from a cheapie $1 ebay scary pack of nail decals.

Roll in the Hague is bright red-orange color, a really typical Dutch orange that you see whenever the dutch sports teams are out playing!! It applied like a dream – could have been a one coater but the second coat definitely deepened the colour. It’s also worn really well, this is about three days in and I have no noticable wear.

easy halloween nail art roll in the hague

Making any SPOOKY plans yet?

My New Normcore Nails… Cloud nine by Ulta3

The trend at NYFW is for distinctly neutral nails. I happened upon a new very on trend colour from Ulta3 which I really like called Cloud Nine – it’s a yellower and lighter grey than my old favorite early grey, but that makes it more neutral on my skin tone. As usual for Ulta3 it takes a while longer than a high end polish to dry but at $2 it’s hard to find too many serious issues. IMG_3852

earl grey vs cloud nine by ulta3

earl grey vs cloud nine by ulta3