My New Normcore Nails… Cloud nine by Ulta3

The trend at NYFW is for distinctly neutral nails. I happened upon a new very on trend colour from Ulta3 which I really like called Cloud Nine – it’s a yellower and lighter grey than my old favorite early grey, but that makes it more neutral on my skin tone. As usual for Ulta3 it takes a while longer than a high end polish to dry but at $2 it’s hard to find too many serious issues. IMG_3852

earl grey vs cloud nine by ulta3

earl grey vs cloud nine by ulta3


Essie Case Study with black stripy lines

This is a mani with Essie Case Study and Revlon Lunar.Image

Essie Case Study has a lovely formula and it wears really well (chipfree on day 3). It’s a light brown latte-ish colour, probably nude on someones skin but not mine! I like a neutral like this to sit under glitters and this does the job well and is a good office neutral sort of colour.


Fancy a cuppa? – Earl Grey by Ulta3 review

Ok, so as a little contrast from the crud that was the Sportsgirl Nail Polish I showed you in the last nail polih post I thought it might be nice to do an Ulta3 review. This is Ulta3 in Earl Grey which is a bit of a cult polish. Mine is a ‘made in the PRC’ polish where the polish mavens do tend to say that you need to find a ‘made in Australia’ but this polish is great. It apply easily and smoothly and 3 days later has next to no chip wear. It’s also $2 for a 13ml bottle.

It’s a classy mushroom beige. This is so glossy – this photo is 2 coats with no top coat… and you could see your face in the reflections. This is a case of doing what you do – but doing it well, as Ulta3 is a specialist in these gorgeous cremes. There has to be a downside of course, and it’s the 3s…. ie this is not 3 free. It’s probably choc-a-bloc of 3s. But I don’t wear Ulta3 all the time and I am comfortable with occasional exposure.


Yummy Mummy by Butter London

This is my take on the neutral/mannequin hands trend. It’s supposed to make the fingers look longer by not breaking the colour line. No doubt would look much better if my cuticles weren’t as gross 😦

Butter London “Yummy Mummy” is a funny colour, pinky-grey-beige with a light pearl shimmer. It is surprisingly flattering for a colour that doesn’t sound great on paper. I have seen it described as mushroomy, but it really does bring to mind “nude” stockings from the 1980’s or department store mannequins with that slight shimmer in the colour. I do like it a lot though.

What do you think? Image