No spend May update

The no spend has not gone so well this month. We have had a series of unfortunate (washing machine) events and have had a sick washing machine for the early parts of the month, then some repairs, then the wash-pocalypse where the machine died chewing up a few of my clothes including my favorite tomato red merino wool sweater. This was the perfect sweater. It was the platonic ideal of a fun casual sweater that was warm but not bulky, a pop of colour yet went with nearly everything, a familar yet distinctive shade of red. Obviously it’s not available anymore.

I know many people survive without a washing machine. I am not good at it. I can make excuses in that I have small kids, toilet training age and wet sheets and pants abound as well as messy eating. It’s a phase. The truth is I struggle with the fact that it’s often a lot easier if you don’t have a washing machine handy to buy new clothes, especially if there is an opportunity cost around your time. However I can’t see that this is a good solution overall. It seems on some level we are dealing with the law of the commons, where I am gaining benefits but not necessarily dealing with the lifecycle costs.

Anyway, I went into the store with the aim of buying some underwear and socks for the kiddos and ended up with (4) new shirts and 2 new dresses replacing the one shirt and one shirt that I lost in the washer disaster.

I felt calmer and lulled as I walked around the store. On some level that’s what we want to do. Go out and seek and forage and provide for the family. And we take pride and gained postive feedback when we do it well. ‘The kids look cute’, ‘I love that top’, ‘Is that dress new, it’s cute’ are all things we hear. These days with the labour savings we have available as mothers, as well as the much higher affluence in my community we seem to have less pride in the achievements of home making. So we make new achievements, set higher goals and dwell more on the things we can buy as a sign of how well we are doing as mothers. Yet surely the point of the extra money and the extra leisure was to spend more time together, enjoy each other more and be more fulfilled. Not to have more socks.


No Spend March update

So, let’s see how I have done with the no spend project this month…

On the makeup front I have bought the L’Oreal BB creme in Indonesia, but used up a BB creme so we’ll call that neutral. I haven’t used up anything else although by Revlon lipsticks are looking a little lower. I came to the end of my Seche Vite Top Coat, and tried the bargain basement Essence Fast Dry Top Coat which was pretty terrible alas. I also came to the end of my (gold standard!!) Clinique Take the Day off makeup remover and decided to try some cheapie 25 for $1 makeup removing wipes from Coles. They aren’t great but this will at least last a while and is a lot cheaper than the $36 I spend at Myer for Clinique… it might be something I can cheaper duty free or online I guess? Any other good makeup removers?

I have two new costume corsets coming from luv secret and a pair of dance shoes for burlesque performances in April which isn’t great. Also, I dropped a very strong hint to certain members of our household (ahem) that I would be very happy with a custom made Game of Thrones skirt for Mothers day in May and I believe it’s on order.

So in terms of not spending not so good 😦 but I did also get rid of a skirt and two pairs of shoes so that has helped the neutralise the clutter aspect at a minimum. I think I’m largely neutral this month. I also have next to no money due to taking the kids to a family wedding but that was worth it for the kids, and for the extended family to see the kids. So in terms of conscious spending it’s a win.

I also bought a book in Indonesia, but also left one behind with someone so again it’s neutral.

In the next couple of days I’ll work out my next giveaway, I think I missed last month out of business. I’m happy with the rate of blogging and seem to be hitting my stride in terms of writing voice. I still need to expand the scope of my blog but with a busy month-o-burlesque that should be easy.

No spend February update (& empties)

So I’m still going well with the no spend, though I think I may need to fudge a little in March as I have two burlesque performances in April although maybe I can come up with something creative for costuming. I’m thinking of seeing about a clothing swap in my burlesque group for those of us in ‘hard to find’ sizes … many of the vintage clothing options are made for different figure than mine.

The only thing that I have used up this month is my Revlon Colourstay Liquid Lipstick in Premium Pink. This is such a staple of my routine though that I had an unopened backup waiting. (Eyeroll at myself).

I’m definitely finding I’m wearing more of my wardrobe including stuff that had not been worn previously… and discovering all my old favorites! And, ahem, tacking the ironing and drycleaning piles more often….

I’m blogging regularly but my blog is definitely turning into a nail polish swatch blog out of laziness and I really want to kick up the content on other cosmetics and clothing as well as the idea of conscious spending and connection.