OMD – Dark (as your soul)

I thought for the OMD2 challenge Dark prompt I’d do a dark purple and dry brush some gold over the top. It didn’t go quite as well as I hoped – the gold really didn’t get as dry and streaky as I liked especially with the OPI top coat on but it was good to try out a new technique. The polishes are OPI Russian Navy and Nubar Unpredictable Taupe.


Gold with black matte glitter

This is a quick nail of the day on my current super short nails, Nubar Unpredictable Taupe with a top coat of Ulta3 Out of Sight. Out of sight is a black matte glitter, long drying time but super cheap at $2 so I can spend an extra few minutes waiting for drying I guess. (It’s such a slow drying polish that a quick dry top coat seems to cause bubbles as the gas tries to release. Image

The Nubar polish is a bit prone to chipping so the top coat might hopefully preserve the mani a bit.

My nail are looking a bit sad as I work towards V2 of My Makeup Collection which should make it even more useful to users! I managed to bite them all down which is not exactly good advertising…. hahahha

Why you should always google swatches before you buy a new polish

This is an Orly nail polish called Walk down the aisle I found in Priceline one day. I hardly wear because while it looks like a shimmery mint green in the bottle it applies with sheerest touch of any nail polish ever. I have made it into a jelly sandwich with Nubar White Polka dots, but alas the mint green shimmer is only visible about 5mm from the nail so it doesn’t look as I hoped. It seems to just give a vaguely unhealthy yellow-green tinge to the nails.

ImageI guess one of these days I’ll just have to franken with it. I’m think a christmas polish with stars and candycanes in green. What do  you do with your dire polishes?

Lighter shade of mint

This is a light mint green (Essence – exits on your right) base with Nubar white polka dots over the top. It looks super pale in the light but the green comes out in the lower lights. Its really pretty but unfortunately I applied it over a peel off base and my nails weren’t dry enough after the shower it seems as its all come off this morning 😦 So I only have the dodgy phone photos I took before I stopped to take good ones. Next time I’ll have to use a more hardy base, that is the down side of peel offs (that and how hard clean up is!).


Nubar Navy Blue with White Polkadots

I love the Nubar white polkadot glitter, it’s such a subtle way to add something extra to a manicure. Nubar Navy Blue is nice too, it passes for black in the shade but looks a lovely drak blue in the light. This mani makes me think of stars in a winter night sky.


The only annoying thing is that I was using a peel off base coat to help with glitter removal, but I find them very hard to clean up afterwards 😦

Random Spotted Manicure

I’ve been preparing to do a fan dance and my nails have been suffering serious breakages recently 😦ImageI decided to even them out by cutting them all short and decided to try and do a spotted nail gradient but as it happens it isn’t quite as effective on a short nail. Any way it still looks fun. It’s a random pattern different sized and placed dots of Nubar Black Chrome, Nubar Unpredictable Taupe, and Essence Fatal-y Red on a background of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

Game of Thrones Stark Manicure

Game of Thrones Stark Manicure

Yes, winter is coming. And so is the new season of GoT. The Stark manicure was hard to work out, most of the women don’t seem like they’d like nail art except Stansa and she is the only one without a wolf and trying to play down the fact she is a stark.
The fingers are Nubar Black Chrome with a top coat of Nubar White Polka, because as the Starks motto says “Winter is coming”, so I though snow would be cool. It’s got a matte finish which seems to suit them too.
Next I wanted to include the direwolf which is their sigil. The direwolf has been interpreted different ways but I picture a wolf that blends easy in the snow and trees of the north.
The thumb base colour is Essence ‘Got a Secret’ which is a light grey creme. Then I used Illamasqua Scorch for the ears and eyes, and Illamasqua Throb for a eye highlight. The rest of the direwolf is sketched with a sharpie. The red eyes are a reference to the weirwood gods, which seem to be linked firmly to the starks as well.

Duochrome Duo


This is a super fun manicure I did, that has two duochromes. The base is Essence Where is the Party that shifts purple to apple green through a bronze. The top is Nubar Unpredictable taupe that shifts yellow gold to white gold, through a rose gold. So depending on the light I have a either a purple & white gold manicure, a green & yellow gold manicure or bronze/rose gold manicure. It’s very pretty… but extremely hard to capture on camera!!