GOT – Greens

This is Orly walk down the aisle over Revlon Silver. Walk down the aisle is not a good polish. It’s a no good, very silly polish. Super light. I thought it might behave as a fun top coat and give a slight green shimmer to the grey matte undercoat but the formulas seem to disagree and I got heavy cuticle flooding. Ackk. So much for that plan. Why do I have so many problems just throwing out nail polish that doesn’t work at all.




Graphite grey polish comparison

I own a lot of nail polishes in this dark silver/graphite family. I am comparing Illamasqua Snap, Essence luxury secret, Essence icy princess and Orly Seagurl. Icy princess is obviously much lighter and sparklier/shinier. Tonally luxury secret and Snap are very similar but the formula on Snap is much easier to use. Seagurl is darker again and slighter warmed in tone. In my experience its prone to chipping but is a nice colour to wear and a good formula to apply. Image

The first two polishes are one coat, the icy princess is 3 coats and seagurl is 2 coats. I think that luxury secret and snap are very comparable. My pick is the Illamasqua Snap, but it’s about 10x the price for 2x the polish so the Essence is a very good cheaper dupe.

Why you should always google swatches before you buy a new polish

This is an Orly nail polish called Walk down the aisle I found in Priceline one day. I hardly wear because while it looks like a shimmery mint green in the bottle it applies with sheerest touch of any nail polish ever. I have made it into a jelly sandwich with Nubar White Polka dots, but alas the mint green shimmer is only visible about 5mm from the nail so it doesn’t look as I hoped. It seems to just give a vaguely unhealthy yellow-green tinge to the nails.

ImageI guess one of these days I’ll just have to franken with it. I’m think a christmas polish with stars and candycanes in green. What do  you do with your dire polishes?

OMD – Metallic Greys on a Black Background

This is a base of Revlon Black Lunar with Orly Seagurl and Essence Icy Princess Dots. I think it’s quite nice when the colour complement but don’t quite match in a dotticure and I love a random gradient type effect.

black and grey dots

I seem to have a lot of metallic greys but I do wear them a lot. Maybe I don’t need any more though!

Poshe vs Seche Vite top coats – Poshe wins hands and nails down

I have been on record as not being the biggest fan of Seche Vite top coat.

While it is super glossy and dries quickly I have not enjoyed the tip shrinkage and have been looking for a replacement. I have found a new favourite in Poshe which is also super glossy and dries quickly although not quiet as quick as Seche. These shots show the same polish as earlier (Orly Sea Gurl) after 24 hours. You’ll notice there is still some shrinkage from the tips (even though I do wrap :() but overall the wear is much less.


I think I might do a comparison shot showing a few of my top coats on one hand but it is hard to do a true test as some of my finger seem to get a lot more wear than others. I have also been trying INM out the door and the essence top coat but so far Poshe wins hands and nails down. Does anyone have any other favourite top coats to recommend? Anything particularly quick drying that doesn’t shrink back at the tips?

At most 5 shades of gray

For this manicure I did gradient from whiteish to blackish. Now, originally I tried to do some nail art on the thumb as I was playing around with what the Stark manicure would be in Game of Thrones.


But it was an awful mess :(( so I decided to cut my losses and do a glittery accent thumb of Metallic 4 Lyf. This is what I ended up with. I used the BYS matte top coat on the main nails… and its not great at all. I bought one time I was feeling a bit poor but wanted to try matte nails. It, at best, gets you to a rubber finish but has the BYS ability to goo-ify any nail polishes underneath it, smells like a petroleum refinery waste product and take forever to buy. This is my problem… I always get suckered into what BYS offers colours/finish-wise and forget the smell and setting issues.

ombre mani

Anyway, the colours left to right are Nubar Black Chrome, Orly Sea Gurl, Essence Got a Secret, and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (and OPI Metallic 4 Lyf on the Thumb, with a Seche Top Coat). Black Chrome has a subtle shimmer that takes it back a notch from black and MBSW is a also a touch grimier than a true white so they all play on the grey spectrum.

So, in summary, don’t buy BYS matte top coat.

Why I love and hate Seche Vite top coat

Today just demonstrated to me why I need to find a better alternative to Seche Vite when I start to buy polishes again. I love that it make polish look so shiny, that it helps even out any polish imperfection and obviously, the fast dry time is great. Especially when you are toddler wrangling and may be call on to help with lego at any time!


But the shrinkage is terrible, and makes chipping much more likely and while I like to change my manicure regularly I can’t deal with this any more. This is Orly Sea Gurl with a Seche top coat…

12 hours after my manicure

Check out my thumbnail in particular. That’s unmissable. I’ve replaced the polish today, and just waited out the time on a normal dry top coat.