Dutch’ya just love OPI

This is a dusty purple with red and gold shimmer from the Holland collection. That was a killer collection.

Dutch’ya just love OPI wore really well – like 2 weeks with OPI top and base coat. I never get that much wear out of an OPI polish! The only downside is the shimmer was really not as visible for me day to day as some of the shots I saw online but this is probably because the weather at the moment – very gloomy.



OMD – Dark (as your soul)

I thought for the OMD2 challenge Dark prompt I’d do a dark purple and dry brush some gold over the top. It didn’t go quite as well as I hoped – the gold really didn’t get as dry and streaky as I liked especially with the OPI top coat on but it was good to try out a new technique. The polishes are OPI Russian Navy and Nubar Unpredictable Taupe.

RAIN RAIN rain rain RAIN go away

I have not posted recently not only because I’m busy but also it’s been so damn rainy I cannot get a decent photo. This is the best I can get of Russian Navy x Polka.com which was an OPI christmas set I bought to gift to someone myself. It came wlaith “hair tie bracelets” which I had thought were hair ties but turn out to be some weird glamor version of the spare hair tie around your wrist. Hahha.

Russian Navy is the original blurple, navy blue that turns purple in some lights. It has a holo shimmer that gives a gorgeous depth. Polka.com is a purple, pink and teal meduim hex glitter with some fine teal glitter. It’s very funky but I actually don’t think Russian Navy is the best base for this polish. I think a lighter base is probably the best base for this one.



Illamasqua polish hauling

I recently ordered a few Illamasqua nail polishes from Myer. After being frustrated at the fact I couldn’t get the cheaper sale nail polishes in the twice year Illamasqua sale Myer finally had a brilliant sale on the UV and speckled polishes and I picked them up for $5 each. Whee!


So far I have only swatched the purple ouja polish which is one of the UV glow polishes. I held off buying these as to be honest I am way past the time of my life where I spend time in black lit night clubs… the only place I go that is black/blue lit is the local public toilets near the kids toilets (the joys of inner city living!)

  However the colour is really pretty by itself so I’m glad I bought it! Th


It’s a shimmer purple with an almost golden sheen. The formula is slightly thicker than the normal Illamasqua polish and quite slow drying. However it’s wearing really well again and could have easily been a one coater (if I hadn’t smudged the tips having my cup of coffee while it’s drying :()

Revlon Just Bitten LipStain Balm in Darling

This is the Revlon Chubbystick/Lip Crayon dupe. I had been vaguely debating the colors and somehow walked out with a lilac colour that I would usually run a mile from as I start off with quite pale lips and look quite tired with out a pop of warmer colour on my face. As it turns out though it’s a surprisingly flattering shade on. ImageImage

The stick applies with a nice light slick of colour and is a cute pinkish purple on. It fades to a flattering stain and keeps a nice level of moisture all day. It has a slight tingle-ly minty feel on the lips.


Facets of Fuschia by Revlon

This polish is a bit of golden oldie from 2011. Facets of Fuschia has a dark violet base packed with multisized purple glitters. It’s pretty and sparkly without being over the top sparkly. This is two coats although a little patchy in places. It wears really well and has a super smooth finish (which I LOVE in a glitter). The only bummer with this is the removal but that makes it a nice one to layer over a purple creme. All in all this is a great polish if you can pick it up for $4! although it is a but is HTF. (It was known as a dupe for Deborah Lippman Bad Romance so sold out really quickly. )



Stagnate by Illamasqua

stagnate illamasqua

This polish is from Illamasquas Toxic Nature collection. It was a precursor to the spate of paradoxal greyed purples, in that it was a muted brown-grey-purple. It’s a related shade on the colour chart perhaps, but the paradoxal shades all looked pretty where this shade (similarly to all the colours in that collection) is an ugly beauty. It truly calls to mind a stagnant puddle of water, dark with muck and slightly off natural shade.

While compared to any polish from another brand this is a long wearing polish, it definitely doesn’t wear as well as the later Illamasqua polishes although if memory serves me correctly it may have been better when ‘fresh’. The formula is self leveling and has a true to bottle shade match.

Grapelicious by INLP

One of my favorourite things about summer is grapes. (Let’s be honest, one of my favourite things about winter is wine which is grape-licious too!). I also really like holographic nail polishes and purple nails. This polish – Grapelicious by INLP has a grape-y name and is a intense linear holo. In fact it’s probbaly one of the strongest holos I own. It’s really fun to wear at the moment as Australia is sweltering with a heatwave whilist the northern hemisphere is shivering in a polar vortex.

The polish has a good consistency, easy to apply and no flooding. It’s lasted quite well for a holo as well (around 3 days? with tip wear) but no chipping. The colour is really fun, it reminds me of grape flavoured bubble gum growing up – or a grape starburst. Utterly unnatural and utterly delicious nonetheless!


Where is the party? at the Diamond Arcade…

This manicure has Essence “Where is the party?” which is a green-purple duochrome. As an accent I have nails Inc Diamond Arcade which I scored in a nail polish swap recently. Its one of those new ‘shard’ styles of glitters (irregular sharp shapes) in a silver holo finish.

I wasn’t that excited about it at first but its very bright and holographic in the sun. It has a distinct texture though so if that bothers you it will require a couple of coats of top coat. Image