My Macaron by Ulta3

My Macaron by Ulta3 is part of the latest winter collection of polishes by Ulta3. It’s a darkened, almost black, red jelly. It reminds me of dried blood – very dark and vamp(ir)ish!

IMG_3826 IMG_3827

As nearly always this is a killer polish for $2, it wears well and has great pigmenation. The finish is nice if a little prone to scratches but that’s common for jellies as I am a bit of hard user of my nails (see: small children and lego)

Definitely worth picking up if you see it around, it will look fantastic under gold tones glitters as well.



Good kisser vs A Novel Romance


photo 1

I headed into Myer this weekend to see the MAC Novel Romance collection. I was jonesing for a Lingering Kiss but it’s sold out at my local store. Bummer.

As a side thought I thought a swatch of a Novel Romance (L) vs Good Kisser (R) might be useful as I couldn’t really tell the difference on a lot of swatches on line. They are VERY different in person, vivid vs very light and silky.

Ulta3 Deep Rose Red Lipstick Swatch & Review

I picked up this lipstick out of the winter collection of matte lipsticks. The Ulta 3 packaging has definitely gotten classier, isn’t this quite attractive for $3.99!



It’s a relatively sheer yet buildable matte colour. I’ve swatched here against Ruby Woo by Mac to give you an idea of the pigmentation/moisture levels compared to a MAC retro matte. It’s definitely on the moister end of a matte lipstick which makes it substantially more flattering on little lip lines and more comfortable during winter than a true matte, without sacrificing the matte look. Obviously the wear time isn’t quite as good as a true matte either but for the price point it really is a great product and definitely a great buy in this price point.

This shade is a slightly more ‘wine’ red shade than the name suggests which makes it a nice wintery shade.



Cerise noir by Rescue Beauty Lounge

These are a couple of photos of Cerise Noir by Rescue Beauty Lounge.Image

They describe it as chocolate dipped cherries – it’s a red toned brown creme. The formula was lovely but the wear is not all that spectacular – I can already seem glimpses of tip wear at about 8 hours out.

This is a nice colour though, very sophisticated and fall like. I think I’ll probably try some glitter tips to prolong the mani as it looks like it might be a nice match for a gold glitter.


Killa Red

photo 1


photo 2


photo 3

Topped with Ruby Soho

This is another one of my Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes. Luckily I have much nicer things to say about it. Killa Red is a blue toned red jelly. It applied easily, self level and looked fantastic. It’s a flattering retro-esque colour and had lots of shine. The weloar was also quite good with some tip wear visible by day 2-3.

After that stay I got a little bored so I layed Ruby Soho by Emily de Molly over this one. It gives the red toned glitters a great base and makes for a very interesting and multi dimensional festive, yet classic red nail mani.

Merry Christmas (& a happy new mani)


My Christmas mani this year was Marrionaud Rouge Envie with a top coat of Hearts of Gold FX. These are both quite unloved in my collection as Rouge Envie (whilst insanely pretty) is the most chip-prone nail polish I own, and Hearts of Gold FX has a lot of issues with needing to fish out the large holo hearts. However in combination the wear improves a bit and the combination of red jelly and gold hearts and fine glitter seemed to call out Christmas to me.

I hope you all got what you wanted this year. I certainly did which was spending the day with my loved ones 🙂 and a nice long soak in the bath with a bath bomb.

Get Reddy by Revlon – guest appearance by China Glaze Electrify

I have previously been …. less than flattering about Revlon polishes. I just got some Revlon top coat as I’m out of Poshe and I tried it with Get Reddy. Its actually been surprisingly good at maintaining my manicure for the week they claim! I may have to eat my words 😦 Get Reddy is an really nice orange-y red with a warm shimmer. Its a good summer red for me, as it has a bit of warmth but doesn’t turn my skin tone in lobster paws.


After 5 days or so I was bored and had some tip wear so I put on some glitter tips with China Glaze Electrify (gold and orange glitter). The effect was awesome, the red and gold and orange looked like flames in the sun. Of course trying to get my camera to capture that sort of action was not so easy. The shot below is inside lighting in my kitchen but I still love it. 


Marrionaud Rouge Envie with Emily de Molly Ruby Soho

 The main colour here is Marriounaud which is a really stunning cherry red jelly. Its the kind of colour you just smile looking at. But it chips in no time at all 😦 so this is not one to wear for a week. The accent finger is Ruby Soho by Emily De Molly which is a red and pink glitter bomb. I have worn it previously with a black undercoat but wanted to try and get it opaque as an accent but alas it won’t get opaque even at 3 coats, and started getting quite chunkeriffic at the 3 coat mark so I stopped. None the less I think this will be in heavy rotation as a holiday polish, it looks very festive to me!


What’s black and white and red all over?*


The answer, obviously, is my manicure. It’s ulta 3 stop the press over Essence Fatally Red. This is an exciting event moment as I finished Essence Fatally Red. Yes, an empty polish. That’s very unusual. Stop the presses is black and white matte glitter in a clear base which dried very glossy with no top coat.

Ulta3 has released some new glitters in the middle of this year. They are actually really good, they seem to have moved production to Taiwan on this polish and gotten over the mucky issue of the made in the PRC polishes not really drying properly. This polish is a pretty good dupe for the maybelline polka dots polish (which I have not been able to find in my local shops). And of course, the $2 price tag is pretty hard to beat. I’m so glad to have found a  good black and white glitter for so little!

*For non english speakers this is a childhood joke. The punchline is a newspaper, as read (past tense of read) and red are pronounced the same and a newspaper is black and white and read all over.