Locavore by Rescue Beauty Lounge

Locavore is a fun and chirpy mix of green, blue and pink glitter. It’s all fine glitter, none of the indie style mix of chunky and fine glitters. It’s got a goodly amount of glitter which is nice, and would probably suit a gradient if I hadn’t sheered my nails right off 😦


Some blogs seems to suggest that Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore can be used as a standalone polish, but using 3 coats as above is still pretty but doesn’t give you full coverage. I think you need 5-6 coats to get to that level and honestly my nails would be as thick as long by that point!


Cerise noir by Rescue Beauty Lounge

These are a couple of photos of Cerise Noir by Rescue Beauty Lounge.Image

They describe it as chocolate dipped cherries – it’s a red toned brown creme. The formula was lovely but the wear is not all that spectacular – I can already seem glimpses of tip wear at about 8 hours out.

This is a nice colour though, very sophisticated and fall like. I think I’ll probably try some glitter tips to prolong the mani as it looks like it might be a nice match for a gold glitter.


Killa Red

photo 1


photo 2


photo 3

Topped with Ruby Soho

This is another one of my Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes. Luckily I have much nicer things to say about it. Killa Red is a blue toned red jelly. It applied easily, self level and looked fantastic. It’s a flattering retro-esque colour and had lots of shine. The weloar was also quite good with some tip wear visible by day 2-3.

After that stay I got a little bored so I layed Ruby Soho by Emily de Molly over this one. It gives the red toned glitters a great base and makes for a very interesting and multi dimensional festive, yet classic red nail mani.

Yellow Fever by Rescue Beauty Lounge

I’ve been craving a great yellow polish. Something bright and sunny, less neon and more the colour of a dandelion. On paper the screen this polish by Rescue Beauty Lounge looked like it might be it, but alas no. It’s a bright yellow creme with a hint of yellow-gold shimmer.




The alas comes from the finish. Its’ streaky as … a bad home tan. This is 3 coats and it could probably have done with a fourth for a more even coat. Then in chipped within 12 hours. This is not exactly ideal for at $18 polish.

So I’m back to the drawing board… anyone know a good, non streaky, long wearing yellow polish?

Rescue Beauty Lounge – Insouciant Jane causes Catherine to do a 360 on Forgiveness

I am rather trying to do some swatches to catch up with my untried pile before year end. This a sort of swatch with Rescue Beauty Lounge – Jane on my thumb (light neutral beige), insouciant on my index (lilac with a blue shimmer), Catherine (deep shimmery cabernet purple), 360 (blue-green) and forgiveness (light lilac).


The formula on these was great! The hardest one to work with was Jane which did have a tendency to get streaky as is common with these sort of creams. Catherine was the first to chip but probably tied with 360 as my favourite colours in the selection. Generally the wear was great with only mininal tip wear overall at day 2 before I was ready to change colours.