A Review of Grey Suede


Check out this product review from My Makeup Collection.



Moonlit Woods by Revlon

I’m finally going through my untrieds pile and came to this bottle of Moonlit Woods by Revlon. It’s part of the Parfumerie range. The bottles are adorable and the polish is scented. The scent is hard to explain on this one, not entirely what I expected but a sweet floral sort of scent. The color is a very pretty silver-blue-purple but the very small thin brush makes it very hard to get the finish to the level that you’d like. An OPI style wide brush would be ideal however it’sd be somewhat hard to get it into the bottle!

Moonlit woods revlonMoonlit woods revlon

NOTD – Raspberry with black dots (OMB + Lunar)

My nail of the day is a pretty simple one, a raspberry pink base with black dots (Revlon Lunar). The polish is OMB (aka “Oh My Bieber” part of the Nicole by OPI x Justin Bieber polish collection from a few years ago). It’s actually a really nice polish and filled with shimmery glass, which I think is just about to run out. It’s somewhat amazing in a house of nail polish addicts that a bottle can get fully run out, so cudos JB – your decision making doesn’t tend to be your strength but your knocked it out of the park on that nail polish collection.

photo 1 photo 2

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede

My day to day lipstick is the Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick. It’s drying as heck, but really stays on and the premuim pink color is subtle enough on my colouring to make me look signficant less tired but is not that bright. Unfortunately it seems harder and harder to get my hands on (are they discontinuing this range?) , and I’m not a massive fan of the doe foot applicator. I decided to give the new ultimate suede range a chance hoping they might be a touch less drying. I went with the shade Muse as that seemed to be the closest to Premuim Pink (my colour in Color Liquid Lipsticks)



photo 2

It starts off relatively good, definitely more moisturising than the liqiud lipsticks. The colour is sheer but buildable and has a nice finish as it applies.


But alas it rapidly dries out and the colour changes somewhat.

I think I’ll stock pile my older liquid lipsticks for now and buy up on the lipbalm stains 🙂photo 3

Nouveau Cheap has a review of this colour and some others here if you wanted some more swatches.

Face off – Revlon Photoready BB cream SPF30 vs Maybelline BB cream water gel SPF35

This is a comparison between the Revlon Photoready BB cream vs the Maybelline BB cream. The first thing to notice is the colour difference, while they are a similar shade level the tone is very different with the Revlon having a pink undertone and the Maybelline having a yellower undertone.


Texture wise the the Revlon is a little thicker than the Maybelline but they both have a quite light texture and blend easily. Both of them work on my skin tone but do lend an different cast to the skin.


Overally after blending the Maybelline gives a much flatter smoother finish, but the Revlon has a lovely touch of illuminator than I think will be very flattering in photos. It does however not give as smooth as impression, especially for fine lines so in the final comparison it probably depends if your priority is a brighter complexion, or a smoother skin finish and what you underlying skin tone is.




Mothers Day options that give you a little something-something

Revlon is actually having a pretty sweet gift-with-purchase at Myer at the moment. For purchases over $40 you get

– a lip-balm-stain chubby crayon thing (choice of 3 colours! yay so no getting stuck with the dud shade that isn’t selling),

– a parfumerie nail enamel (choice of 3 colours again! yay so no getting stuck with the dud shade that isn’t selling),

– a combo black pencil eyeliner/white pencil eyeliner, sorry “brightener’, 

– full size Photoready BBcream which I actually want to try,

– eyeshadow quad in some brown/smoky neutrals which is actually quite work friendly although you probably have about 5000 of these already

– cosmetic bag blah, so many of these…

This is actually not a bad deal considering these are all somewhat usuable items and although we pay ridic prices for Revlon in Australia with the gift with purchase it becomes a good deal. And mums seem to love Revlon so you could pick her up a gift combo pack and stroll out with a sweet gift with purchase. My picks for your mum would be the Photoready SkinLights Illuminator which is a lovely subtle liquid highlighter which is great for mature skin and maybe a lipbalm stain 🙂 Mums love the chance to show off something new the kids gave them and this style of lip crayon is still a bit new and different I think.

What are you getting mum?

Revlon Just Bitten LipStain Balm in Darling

This is the Revlon Chubbystick/Lip Crayon dupe. I had been vaguely debating the colors and somehow walked out with a lilac colour that I would usually run a mile from as I start off with quite pale lips and look quite tired with out a pop of warmer colour on my face. As it turns out though it’s a surprisingly flattering shade on. ImageImage

The stick applies with a nice light slick of colour and is a cute pinkish purple on. It fades to a flattering stain and keeps a nice level of moisture all day. It has a slight tingle-ly minty feel on the lips.


Blue Mosaic by Revlon

From the same collection as Facets of Fuschia is Blue Mosaic (later repromoted as Radiant). Its a very light blue jelly with pale blue, pale green and silver mid sized hexes and fine silver glitter. I don’t think this one does go opaque but may if you went to 4-5 coats? This is two coats over Revlon Lunar (a black creme). Its a pretty polish but it takes quite a while to dry even with Revlon Quick dry Top Coat so its not often in circulation around here. Patience is a virtue but not a practical one in my house with small children running amuck!


Facets of Fuschia by Revlon

This polish is a bit of golden oldie from 2011. Facets of Fuschia has a dark violet base packed with multisized purple glitters. It’s pretty and sparkly without being over the top sparkly. This is two coats although a little patchy in places. It wears really well and has a super smooth finish (which I LOVE in a glitter). The only bummer with this is the removal but that makes it a nice one to layer over a purple creme. All in all this is a great polish if you can pick it up for $4! although it is a but is HTF. (It was known as a dupe for Deborah Lippman Bad Romance so sold out really quickly. )