Star Gems Mirage Pencil Swatch

These eye pencils are utterly gorgeous and really soft for a pencil with a heavy metallic finish. Silver eyeliner has a very sort brightening effect for tired eyes….   I got this one in a swap from the US but wish I could buy locally – Savvy by DB is probably the best local dupe. Image


Winter is coming – and so are Stark manicures

The Starks are down but not out I think. I suspect that Sansa is really the hidden force in the Starks but “Lady StoneHeart” is going to have some terrifying part to play in the next book.

This manicure is ImageImage

The colours are Illamasqua Harsh and Illamasqua Snap which I chose both as the colours worked for a snowy field and I liked the wordplay of a Harsh Snap, when their motto is Winter is Coming. The nail decals are from Tentacle Studios on etsy and they are perfect… $4 for sheet of mixed sigils (5 house x 14 decals). And they came really quickly.


Blue Mosaic by Revlon

From the same collection as Facets of Fuschia is Blue Mosaic (later repromoted as Radiant). Its a very light blue jelly with pale blue, pale green and silver mid sized hexes and fine silver glitter. I don’t think this one does go opaque but may if you went to 4-5 coats? This is two coats over Revlon Lunar (a black creme). Its a pretty polish but it takes quite a while to dry even with Revlon Quick dry Top Coat so its not often in circulation around here. Patience is a virtue but not a practical one in my house with small children running amuck!


GOT – Greens

This is Orly walk down the aisle over Revlon Silver. Walk down the aisle is not a good polish. It’s a no good, very silly polish. Super light. I thought it might behave as a fun top coat and give a slight green shimmer to the grey matte undercoat but the formulas seem to disagree and I got heavy cuticle flooding. Ackk. So much for that plan. Why do I have so many problems just throwing out nail polish that doesn’t work at all.



Where is the party? at the Diamond Arcade…

This manicure has Essence “Where is the party?” which is a green-purple duochrome. As an accent I have nails Inc Diamond Arcade which I scored in a nail polish swap recently. Its one of those new ‘shard’ styles of glitters (irregular sharp shapes) in a silver holo finish.

I wasn’t that excited about it at first but its very bright and holographic in the sun. It has a distinct texture though so if that bothers you it will require a couple of coats of top coat. Image


Showstopper by Ulta3

Oh look at this beauty! It’s got different sizes of gold and silver hex glitter in a clear base. I think it would go opaque by itself, the picture below is a single coat over black (Revlon Lunar). It dries super glossy, this is with no top coat and it looks like a Seche finish… my camera can barely handle the shine.


This retails for $2 and is easily as good as many midrange polishes. Pick up one, or many! if you pass a chemist that stocks. You won’t regret it.

Celestial FX by Revlon

I have a new polish to show here – Celestial FX by Revlon. It’s got holographic silver moons, stars and diamonds with small pink and blue toned holo glitters. It’s seriously cute and shows just how much Revlon is upping their glitter game recently. Image


This is over black (Revlon Lunar) and as usual with a holo does not show the true WOW factor in pictures. It seems to retail for a $15.95 in Australia, but this was picked up in Gloss using their 3 for $12 Revlon polish deal by my teenager. She has a good nose for these things!


Wolverine Inspired Manicure with Adamantium Claws


This was inspired by the latest Wolverine pic. I freaking love Hugh Jackman. Such an awesome example of Aussie masculinity I think.

I have used a base of OPI My Private Jet. It took me a while of experimenting to get claws I liked, foil finish polishes are so finicky to get looking good. I was cursing my lack of foil nail decals to shred, but then I realised that the inside of the foil pack my coffee bags come in could easily be cut and glued on. I like the way it turned out too!


The holo is subtle but comes out in the light and the claws are sharp and bright! just like they should.

Not like the movies by OPI

This is a light green-silver duochrome (and a very shy lavender shift) with silver shimmer. It’s a hard polish to photograph but it’s very pretty and shiny, and makes me think of fishscales. It’s part of the Katy Perry collaboration with OPI and you can see her fun fashion-touch in the collection.

Now on the much less exciting side, the formula is not at all fun. It’s thin and brushstroke-y. I can’t get a decent picture of the colour shifts as I have bald spots on the longer nails with 2 thick coats. I might try it with a black undercoat but it’s really not great for the OPI price tag. And the wear is not good, I have light scratches even with two layers of top coat and it’s really obvious with this sort of finish. Not like in the movies OPI

Silver glittery goodness…

Revlon Silver + Glam Glitter

Revlon Silver + Glam Glitter

A quick manicure using Revlon in Silver (a light grey creme) and a top coat of BYS Glam Glitter. Glam Glitter is a silver holographic glitter with various sizes of glitter. It’s so pretty in real life, but struggles a bit with the BYS issue of not playing nicely with other brand polishes, and that is a bit of a fatal flaw in glitter top coat. Sigh.