Galaxy by Sportsgirl Nail It! over Scorch by Illamasqua

Galaxy is a matte glitter topper with blue and green hex glitter in a meduim and small size. Sportsgirl have been doing some pretty cute ‘indie-esque’ style matte glitter nail polishes which I love as I like the look but find the drama associated with the indie brands a little bit much to deal with.


Generally they retail for $8.95 for 10ml as well, although this one was on special for $4.95. I decided to layer it over scorch by Illamasqua (a pure white) but I have to say it did not want to play nicely with the illamasqua polish. Next time I’m going to try it over a cheapie essence or Ulta3 and see if it’s happier with those formulations.


I’m really happy though to see Australian shops trying some different looking nail polishes and not just duping OPI all the time!


Best White Nail Polishes

The search for a perfect white nail polish can be a little frustrating. There is something very fresh and modern about opaque, yet shiny white nails but in practise white nail polish is often streaky and can look like white out if the color is not applied cleanly.


(If you don’t trust me, you gotta trust Queen Bey!)

My top 10 white nail polishes are;

Illamasqua Scorch –  this is seriously good as a white, but not really worth the price tag (it’s just a pure white with go texture, shimmer or other tricks). Try and pick it up on sale from Illamasqua.

OPI Alpine Snow – Pure white, but a tricky texture

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls – slightly off white but slightly easier to work with than OPI Alphine snow

Essie Blanc – Snowy white

Essie Marshmallow – more of a jelly like texture which is nice if you want something less stark.

Picture Polish White Wedding – milky white base packed with rainbow shimmer. This formula is NOT fun (thick, streaky, goopy) and the polish is not always easy to obtain. Yet the shimmer is really pretty and lifts it to the next level.

Ulta3 Lily White – this is only available locally in Australia and is a normal white (ie slightly hard to work with) with a relatively long dry time (ughh) … and yet it’s $2. A good basic to have on the shelf.

Chanel Eastern Light – which looks utterly stunning, yet the price tag is somewhat aspirational 27USD/39AUD

Butter London Cotton Buds – which has got some good reviews but I find chips quickly on me. YMMV of course.

China Glaze White on White – this dries quickly. Its a pain to get streak free but no more than the average white and at least a quick dry time is a plus.

Do you like white nail polish? What’s your favorite that I should try next?

Cool-neutral toned skittle

This is a sort of cool-neutral skittle. The colours are

Thumb – My Boyfriend Scales Walls – OPI

I gotta secret – Essence

I don’t give a Rotterdam – OPI

Khaki Pastiche – Marrionaud and

Bleu Precieux – Marrionaud (which seems to have taken on a really different hue in this photo next to the others!).

The links are to my previous reviews/swatches 🙂


What’s black and white and red all over?*


The answer, obviously, is my manicure. It’s ulta 3 stop the press over Essence Fatally Red. This is an exciting event moment as I finished Essence Fatally Red. Yes, an empty polish. That’s very unusual. Stop the presses is black and white matte glitter in a clear base which dried very glossy with no top coat.

Ulta3 has released some new glitters in the middle of this year. They are actually really good, they seem to have moved production to Taiwan on this polish and gotten over the mucky issue of the made in the PRC polishes not really drying properly. This polish is a pretty good dupe for the maybelline polka dots polish (which I have not been able to find in my local shops). And of course, the $2 price tag is pretty hard to beat. I’m so glad to have found a  good black and white glitter for so little!

*For non english speakers this is a childhood joke. The punchline is a newspaper, as read (past tense of read) and red are pronounced the same and a newspaper is black and white and read all over.

OMD – Inspired by Fashion

My inspired by fashion manicure for the OMD challenge was inspired by the Creatures of the Wind manicures from New York Fashion Week. If you haven’t seen the original here, its white based nails with coloured squiggly lines down one side. I decided to do a more neutral one with a black base/white accent nail and 3 colours of gold squiggles using my Illamasqua precision inks in Wisdom (antique gold), Alchemy (bright gold) and Glister (Pearlescent nude).


I think the Wisdom was a touch dark for the white, and Glister barely showed up against the black but it was a fun night time mani I ended up wearing for 3 days! The black used was Illamasqua Boosh, and the white was Illamasqua Scorch.

OMD challenge – Black and White

Oh, I love monochrome. Love wearing black and white outfits, I always feel so chic. I’m slightly worried that I may get mistaken for a penguin one of these days though.


This is OPI my boyfriend scales walls with a stripe of revlon lunar down the middle. My hint here is be patiently or you lose the impact with grey smears. So I’ve heard. Not that you can see on my little finger. No no no no no no.


As I’m trying to catch up on the challenge, so there may be some multiple post days.

Lighter shade of mint

This is a light mint green (Essence – exits on your right) base with Nubar white polka dots over the top. It looks super pale in the light but the green comes out in the lower lights. Its really pretty but unfortunately I applied it over a peel off base and my nails weren’t dry enough after the shower it seems as its all come off this morning 😦 So I only have the dodgy phone photos I took before I stopped to take good ones. Next time I’ll have to use a more hardy base, that is the down side of peel offs (that and how hard clean up is!).