Yellow Fever by Rescue Beauty Lounge

I’ve been craving a great yellow polish. Something bright and sunny, less neon and more the colour of a dandelion. On paper the screen this polish by Rescue Beauty Lounge looked like it might be it, but alas no. It’s a bright yellow creme with a hint of yellow-gold shimmer.




The alas comes from the finish. Its’ streaky as … a bad home tan. This is 3 coats and it could probably have done with a fourth for a more even coat. Then in chipped within 12 hours. This is not exactly ideal for at $18 polish.

So I’m back to the drawing board… anyone know a good, non streaky, long wearing yellow polish?


Grey and Yellow = Grello

I love the look of grey and yellow together, so today I did a yellow manicure in Essence Destination Sunshine with a grey accent nail in Revlon Silver.

And now I’m left with the mellow yellow song as an ear worm “they call me mellow grellow…”Image

Pastel skittles with a spotty accent

I’m really happy with this manicure, its pastel and girly but not overly twee. I think it helps the pastels are slightly greyed out including the white.


We have

thumb – OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Index – Essence destination sunshine

Middle – Essence exits on your right

Ring/Accent – base of OPI MyBoyfriends Scales Walls, dots of Revlon Sheer Rose, Essence destination sunshine and Essence exits on your right,

Revlon Sheer Rose.

Essence just killed with this collection on the pastels, these are perfect two coaters with no streaking or bald spots. That’s really rare with pastels.