No Limits – Nicole for OPI Swatch

Today I have a swatch of Nicole for OPI No Limits. I picked this up recently when Catch of the Day had free shipping over $20 and I had an OPI top coat and OPI base coat in my basket…. leading to a total of $18.98. For $3.99 I got to pick a NOPI polish and save $8 in postage, so essentially it cost me about $1.

Oddly the website describes this as a black polish. It isn’t black. Its a very deep inky blue, the type that was very popular 3-4 years ago. Image

It’s a nice opaque polish, a one coater if you are careful and has work delightfully well. It’s not all that unique, especially as it’s been duped to the sky and back but I do adore an inky blue so it’s a good buy for the formula, pigmentation and wear time if you are in the market for something in this color family.




Rescue Beauty Lounge – Insouciant Jane causes Catherine to do a 360 on Forgiveness

I am rather trying to do some swatches to catch up with my untried pile before year end. This a sort of swatch with Rescue Beauty Lounge – Jane on my thumb (light neutral beige), insouciant on my index (lilac with a blue shimmer), Catherine (deep shimmery cabernet purple), 360 (blue-green) and forgiveness (light lilac).


The formula on these was great! The hardest one to work with was Jane which did have a tendency to get streaky as is common with these sort of creams. Catherine was the first to chip but probably tied with 360 as my favourite colours in the selection. Generally the wear was great with only mininal tip wear overall at day 2 before I was ready to change colours.

Freckle-y Boosh – neutral with a twist

I dyed my hands bright green and red this weekend making my kids birthday cake 😦 The food dye is taking longer than I expected to come out of my hands. It’s not the best look after all so not much posting in the short term…


This is an old draft post I haven’t posted to date which I’ll through up while waiting for the damage to abate. Its Illamasqua Boosh as a background and a stripe of Illamasqua Freckle. Call it neutral with a dash of glitter.

Not like the movies by OPI

This is a light green-silver duochrome (and a very shy lavender shift) with silver shimmer. It’s a hard polish to photograph but it’s very pretty and shiny, and makes me think of fishscales. It’s part of the Katy Perry collaboration with OPI and you can see her fun fashion-touch in the collection.

Now on the much less exciting side, the formula is not at all fun. It’s thin and brushstroke-y. I can’t get a decent picture of the colour shifts as I have bald spots on the longer nails with 2 thick coats. I might try it with a black undercoat but it’s really not great for the OPI price tag. And the wear is not good, I have light scratches even with two layers of top coat and it’s really obvious with this sort of finish. Not like in the movies OPI

Neutrogena Wet Skin Spray on Sunscreen Review

I have been on the search for a good sunscreen for our hot humid weather. Because, funnily enough, the weather when you often most need a sunscreen is when you are sweating so much if seems to slip off or turn into a gloopy sticky mess.

Wandering through the pharmacy I found a new (to Australia?) range of sunscreens by Neutrogena that are spray on. I can’t rave about these enough.


They spray on like a deodorant, are the lightest sunscreen I have run into and have next to no odour. They use something called Helioplex to give broad spectrum protection – which is an avobenzene/oxybenzone combination, so not great if you are sensitive to oxybenzone but it is a stable UVA/UVB protector.

Now you’ll notice it says wet skin. This is the bit I love. Not only does it apply lightly, but you can apply it onto wet skin directly and it actually seems repel water. I have before and after pictures, the first is my naturally pasty forearm and the second is post sunscreen being rubbed in and being run under water for a minute.



They are also much easier to get on kids straight out of the pool as you have a bit more flexibility with reaching all their skin (an activity where I have been known to make jokes about trying to catch greased skinny piglets…lol).

Anyway, not a paid endorsement just a rave review from me. I think I paid $14.99 but it seems like you can pick up for a bit less on ebay or at Priceline.